Midwifery (3 years) BSc

Selection criteria to enroll the College of Applied Health Sciences, department of Midwifery, is to have the High Medical School diploma, and to pass the entrance exam in Biology.

The study program in Midwifery consists of six terms which last three years and the students are awarded 180 ECTS. In order to receive the title “Vocational Midwife, BSc”, the students must finish the study program and pass the Final exam by writing a diploma paper and presenting its content orally.

The study program is realized in the college building and in the college units in order to adapt theory and practice to the latest trends in midwifery profession, in individual highly professional activities in the fields of health care of women. The students are trained to offer health care to all female population groups (childhood, adolescent, reproductive and senium)as well as health care during pregnancy, birth and in the period of puerperium.

The vocational midwife is trained to promote  women welfare at the level of primary and secondary care, to prevent gynecology diseases, to work in a team with gynecologists and obstetricians in diagnosing and treating pathology disorders within the scope of reproductive health of women, to actively participate in charity organizations and associations locally and state wide, to promote and improve their knowledge and work experience by taking part at conferences in the country and abroad.



The study program consists of 35 one term courses (24 mandatory and 11 elective). The courses fall into three modules: general, professional and applied modules. With regard to educate more qualified midwives the program includes 1800 hours of professional practice. Hence, with 3615 hours in total (theory, practice, professional practice), we have harmonized our teaching curricula and the total number of classes in reference with EU recommendations. Therefore, our students can continue their education and development both in the country and abroad.