Међународна размена студената

Дописом ЕНМ кординатора Веронике Фромонт АВМСС Одсек Ћуприја обавештени смо да се студентске размене током марта и маја месеца 2021.године отказују због пандемије COVID 19


“Dear ENM colleagues,

Hope that you are all in a good health and that you are dealing well with this strange situation.

Liz, Petya and me had a board-meeting yesterday. We made some major decisions

For the first time in the ENM-history we are cancelling the ENM exchange for March and May 2021.
The European situation is so diverse and unstable that it is too difficult to organize an exchange amongst all members.

Due to the fact that we didn’t have an exchange in May and October 2020 and that we won’t have an exchange in March and May 2021, we are cancelling the annual fee for 2021 for all members.
Our financial situation is very healthy, we can manage this extra-ordinary situation.
All members stay fully member this year. Please send your self-audit from to Liz, to confirm your fully membership in 2021.

We really hope that we can have a meeting in Bitola, Macedonia in May 2021. We will contact Izabela in December to start the preparation of our annual meeting.
Beside a lot of agenda items, we would like to talk about alternative methods to become interculturally competent. If you are already using some online courses on interculturally competences, please share these with us. Send it to ENM Network info@enm-network.com Liz will provide a list on our website, this could be very useful for all students. Even when we are back in a normal situation, this online tools could help students in the preparation or reflective phase.

Let’s hope that we can meet up in May and our common  goal for this meeting  should be  to improve and boost the ENM exchange of October 2021! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can organize the most biggest exchange in our history! Motivate your students to wait until October 2021, ask your clinical placements to receive extra European students, let’s make October 2021 great!

Wishing you all the best, keep healthy, keep well!
Indian summer greetings from Belgium…

#covid-19 #stay@home #keephealthy #keepsafe

Vriendelijke groeten,
Best regards, 

Véronique Fromont
Stagecoördinatie Bachelor Verpleegkunde

ENM Coordinator

Author: РЦ

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